Summer clothing partner worsted cashmere sweater, heat can also feel cool!




Summer clothing partner worsted cashmere sweater, heat can also feel cool!

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With the coming of summer, the temperature is rising. The heat is coming. Want to be able to feel a bit cool in the summer, a bit relaxed feeling, the choice of clothing has become a very key factor. Why?
With the coming of summer, the temperature is rising. The heat is coming. Want to be able to feel a bit cool in the summer, a bit relaxed feeling, the choice of clothing has become a very key factor. Why?
Cashmere sweater products are our clothing industry is now more popular goods, in the four seasons, we can see its trace, the existence of the four seasons have it. For example, in the spring and winter festival, mainly in the form of woolen cashmere sweater, mainly to play a warm effect. In the summer and fall seasons, the main form of a worsted cashmere sweater exists, for example, T-shirt, this is a common example.
Here's why it's a summer companion, bringing a bit of refreshment in the heat of the season. Mainly due to the worsted cashmere sweater production process more fine, textile count higher, to achieve better heat dissipation effect, for the hot summer, is a good choice. This is the difference between this and woolen. Not only that, the worsted clothing is thinner and lighter, giving a sense of relaxation.
Through the above understanding, this is the general cotton summer clothing can not achieve the effect, therefore, it is a hot summer the best choice.