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Apparel Designer

Number of recruits:1    Salary: Negotiable    Location: Dongguan    Work experience: 3 years    Minimum Education: College Description Of Job 1, pay attention to market research, understanding of the enterprise clothing product sales dynamics.
2, Understand the performance of clothing fabrics, styles, characteristics and prices, sensitive to color, feel and glossy, with the latest trend of modern clothing accessories, designed to create the latest style, master the cost base, select timely and reasonable style positioning.
3, draw the clothing effect map, and in accordance with the new product development process to fill out the report card, the organization of financial managers, supply and marketing, production supervisors and others to participate in the work review, and seriously modify and design defense.
4, with the hit version of the group of various types of public relations staff seriously service, made outstanding personalized clothing design, customer satisfaction.
5, unite the design staff, and technical staff in close cooperation with the adjustment of design results, so that the design in line with the production conditions and market requirements.
6, the establishment of design and related information files, keep the relevant books and materials. Regularly participate in the education and training of employees.
7, actively participate in all kinds of Grand Prix, and by chance to promote the enterprise. Actively participate in various types of media technology activities, and actively to the press, magazine contributions, to participate in the life of television columns, for the enterprise to make a contribution to the brand

International Sales

Number of recruits:6    Salary: Negotiable    Location: Dongguan    Work experience: 3 years    Minimum Education: College Description Of Job 1, Operating company's Alibaba platform and other B2B website,devolop overseas customers;
2, timely processing and response to customer orders and needs, maintenance of customer relationships; in accordance with the company's business operations and management system implementation and follow-up monitoring business;

1, College education, international trade or English related majors; fluent in oral English,skilled communication with foreign customers, dealing with English business letters; familiar with foreign trade business processes;
2,Experienced in foreign trade.Experienced in foreign trade B2B platform operating and exhibition is preferred.
Salary: Negotiable